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Several partners are well established on the site of the Drummondville Airport.

Here are profiles of some of them:

Aero Maintenance N.C.

Aéro-Maintenantce N.C.

Founded in 2009 by Mr. Ian Côté and Mr. André Nadeau, the enterprise, which specializes in general maintenance of aircrafts and seaplanes, settled on the Airport site in 2011. What motivated the company to move here? First, the river adjacent to the site; this natural water basin allows seaplanes to land easily and safely. Other considerations prompted the owners to opt for the Drummondville Airport site, including the nearby trunk road as well as its centralized location. AÉRO-MAINTENANCE N.C., which now has eight employees, provides services to commercial companies and private clients.

Aéroclub Sportair


In July 2009, barely two months after its founding, this enterprise moved to the Drummondville Airport. Its owner, Mr. Simon Marcil, wanted to make good use of the many benefits of the site: the availability of premises, its location, the direct access to airport services, the seaplane base, the ground runway, and the large regional population pool.

Before long, the company attracted a large and diverse clientele, including:

  • aspiring pilots of all ages
  • licensed pilots wishing to obtain further qualifications, competency checks or plane rental
  • people just wanting to enjoy an airplane ride.

AÉROCLUB SPORTAIR, whose national reputation is well established, provides training services to private pilots and aviation professionals, qualifications for night flights and VFR OTT, aircraft leasing, and others. Mr. Marcil holds a license from Transport Canada for the treatment of aviation documents and acts as an examiner for certificates of radiotelephone operators with Industry Canada.

Drummond Aéro-Paint


In 1994, Mr. Jocelyn Bombardier developed his business offering painting services to aircraft and helicopters, interior finishing, mechanical structural repair and conversion of wheels into floats. For him, choosing to settle on the site of the Drummondville Airport was motivated by geographic location, with the major Highways 20/55 axis near the seaplane base. The main customers of DRUMMOND AÉRO PAINT are outfitters, business people, flight schools and commercial enterprises.

The company also provides services to individuals with aircraft. Over the years, Mr. Bombardier has put together a team of six skilled workers who take personalized service to heart.



Québec leader in the distribution and barrel filling of fuel for air transport, AVJET, former Aviation Division of Petro-T, has a service point at the Drummondville Airport. The company philosophy is simple and has been the same since its inception in 1987: offering quality products and services. AVJET's qualified personnel are always on the lookout for new information related to aviation. Each client is treated as a business partner and AVJET commits to fully meeting the expectations of clients regarding the quality of products and to offer a complete, flexible and fast service.

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