Aboutthe aqta and caq associations
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AQTA Member

The Drummondville Airport is a member of the Québec air transport association (AQTA), a non-profit organization whose mission is to serve the airline industry and to work for its development.

With our AQTA membership, we’re on top of the latest news, all air transport regulations in force, and all upcoming regulations, both from Transport Canada and NAV Canada.

This association, which is well respected by the Canadian aviation industry, provides us with many opportunities and contacts related to our market, in addition to representation, thoughtful defense of rights, and information and advice related to aviation regulations, relations with Transport Canada and Transports Québec, taxation, the Canada Labour Code, the Canadian Transportation Agency and many other subjects.

As a member of AQTA we also have access to several activities, including an annual conference, which gathers hundreds of participants with whom we can discuss current issues and policies affecting our industry, and participation in workshops, meetings and technical presentations. A networking day is also part of the annual activities. In addition, we benefit from preferential rates for advertising in the Air magazine as well as a host of other benefits related to the air-carrier industry.

CAQ member

The Drummondville Airport is also a member of the Québec Airports Council, an organization bringing together and providing advanced services to airports in Québec, including representation of airport interests through networking and consultation with all partners, and the realization of concrete initiatives. The organization assists its members in meeting the current challenges, such as ensuring effective management of their operations, favouring airport viability and development, promoting safety and security while advocating to governments the implementation of adequate regulation, etc.

The main benefits for Drummondville Airport as a member of the CAQ are the following:

  • Being part of a strong and proactive group that brings together the vast majority of airports and stakeholders from the airport industry in Québec.
  • Having a greater impact from representation and defense of our rights. We can thus assert our points of view and needs to government.
  • Benefiting from projects and initiatives to help us better manage our airport operations, including tailored training.
  • Being directly supported in the management of complex issues related to airport sectors.
  • Being informed about news and the different issues involved in the business of running Québec’s airports.